Price: $14.00


    by Melanie Joy Pastor
    illustrated by Jacqui Grantford
    Hardcover, 32 pages, full color
    Flashlight Press, 2006  
    ISBN: 0972922571
    Ages: 4-8

    The smell of pancakes in the morning usually signals a special day. Well, today is special, but not at all happy, because dear Poppy has passed away. When Anna and her little brother hear the sad news, they wonder how Poppy could have died before they had a chance to say goodbye. If they only had one more day...

    They begin to think about the joyful, exciting things they would do if they did have one more day together with Poppy. Setting to work on a list, Anna writes and Joey draws the many ways they would spend one more day. They smile thinking about Poppy's crazy birthday hat, they giggle remembering the silly songs Poppy plunked out on the piano, and they laugh out loud at the chicken soup game they played weekly at the deli.

    Anna and Joey's list grow into a pile, and the pile becomes a book -- a book of wishes for one more day with Poppy -- or, as their mother explains, a book of memories of the love and fun they shared with him.

    Death is never easy for young children to understand or cope with, especially the death of a close, beloved relative. Creating a book of wishes provides Anna and her brother, and any child who has experienced loss, with a comforting outlet for their feelings, helping them understand that their loved one is still with them in their memories and hearts.

    About the Author:
    Melanie Pastor is a kindergarten teacher and has been teaching elementary school for the past 10 years. She is involved in many children's projects including Kid Alert, a series of booklets dedicated to children's safety, and the Write Start Handwriting Program, a children's video for handwriting.
    Melanie is also a lifeguard and swimming instructor. She has loved teaching children to swim for over 15 years. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, whether rollerblading at the beach, skiing in the snow, or hiking in the mountains.
    Melanie lives in Tarzana in Southern California, close to her family and friends. This is her first picture book.

    About the Illustrator:
    In 2005, Jacqui Grantford was crowned "Grand Dragon" at Dromkeen Museum, the home of Australian children's book illustration, and she is the winner of the 2003 Monsalvat Salon des Refuses People's Choice Award.
    Jacqui's own children were her models in her first book, Various Faerious. Jacqui continues to use models when painting, and many members of her community can be found in her second book, Shoes News. She is presently working on illustrations for The Letter (Era Publications, Australia, 2005)
    Jacqui lives in Parkdale, Victoria, Australia.

    Praise for Wishes for One More Day:
    "The gentle pastel watercolor pencil illustrations compliment this tribute to a dearly loved grandfather. ...As their mother begins to express her own grief at the loss of her father, the children actually help her to capture the important memories of Poppy's life with the entire family. It is important to see how gently both parents go about discussing Poppy's death....Parents and care givers will find this book very useful in helping children cope with the loss of a grandparent--and maybe find a bit of solace for themselves, as well."
    - Sheilah Egan, Children's Literature (featured on the list of books for Grandparents' Day)

    "Wishes for One More Day... is a sensitive story of the loss of a grandparent. ...there are no easy answers here, but a very lovely marking of the endless special moments these children shared with their grandfather... Wishes for One More Day is a very strong addition to books available on loss, tenderly articulating the "wishes" we all have."
    - Esty Schachter, Ithaca Child, The Paper for Parents

    "I found the book delightful because, for me, it really isn't about death. It is about the celebration of a human being and his relationships, as well as about the things that are possible with such a strong connection. This is a compelling book with insight and value for all ages."
    - Christine Hohlbaum, The Reading Tub

    "...powerful and touching... This book serves as a great reminder of how the simple things are often the most important."
    - Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of SAHM I Am: Tales of a Stay-at-Home Mom in Europe

    "...an excellent book that will resonate with many children who experience the death of someone they loved... It addresses the unpredictable and various range of emotions, the different perspectives of adult and child, and the idea of how memories can be comforting. ...This book would be a welcome addition to the children's section of our resource library."
    - Dr. Patti Homan, Program Director, PATHways Center for Grief & Loss

    "With its magnificently soothing, portrait-quality illustrations by Jacqui Grantford, this touching story normalizes a child's reactions to loss with the added bonus of a built-in strategy for helping children cope at this difficult time. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to your collection."
    - Barbara Gruener, certified trainer for Character Counts!