THE MITZVOT: The Commandments and Their Rationale

THE MITZVOT: The Commandments and Their Rationale
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    THE MITZVOT: The Commandments and Their Rationale
    Author: Abraham Chill

    Recognized as a classic in the field, this book is a pioneering study dealing with the traditional rationale behind the 613 Commandments (Mitzvot) in the Torah (The Five Books of Moses). The author draws on the considerable literature to present the interpretation of the great rabbinical thinkers on each Commandment throughout the ages. Excerpts from the key commentaries are given in English translation. The book provides easy reference for the student interested in the systematic study of the Mitzvot and for anyone interested in additional information on a particular commandment.

    Born in New York City, Rabbi Abraham Chill attended Yeshiva University and the City College of New York. He received his rabbinic ordination from Chief Rabbi Kook in Jerusalem and subsequently the degree of LL.B. in the United States. In 1943, after holding pulpits in Newburgh, NY, and Nashville, TN, he became Rabbi for Congregation Sons of Abraham in Providence, RI, a position he held until his retirement in 1969.

    Hardcover, 542 pages. Second edition.
    ISBN: 965-7108-14-4
    Publication: 2000

    Praise for The Mitzvot: The Commandments and Their Rationale:

    This book should be read by anyone who wants to get acquainted with the spirit of Judaism.
    Professor Shalom Albeck
    Bar Ilan University

    The Mitzvot represents a comprehensive and insightful effort to summarize and clarify the best thought of the past on this topic of central importance.
    Professor Marvin Fox
    Brandeis University

    This work presents...each and of the 613 Commandments. Rabbi Chill's endeavor is to be highly commended and recommended.
    Professor Sidney B. Hoenig
    Yeshiva University