THE HIDDEN LIGHT: Biblical Paradigms for Leadership

THE HIDDEN LIGHT: Biblical Paradigms for Leadership
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    THE HIDDEN LIGHT: Biblical Paradigms for Leadership

    By Dr. Jerry Hochbaum

    Hardcover, 360 pages

    OU Press, KTAV Publishing House, 2019

    ISBN: 978-1-602803-688

    In this fascinating journey through the weekly parashah, Rabbi Dr. Jerry Hochbaum focuses on the theme of leadership. In addition to elucidating the Torah text with keen understanding, he also offers trenchant lessons about the Torah’s view of effective Jewish leadership that are clearly relevant to our own times.

    About the Author
    Rabbi Dr. Jerry Hochbaum, a 1954 alumnus of Yeshiva University and who received ordination there in 1956, has spent his entire career in service to the global Jewish community. He taught sociology at Yeshiva while attending Columbia University, where he received Master's degrees in sociology and community organization, and New York University, where he earned his doctorate.
    Dr. Hochbaum joined the staff of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (MFJC), an organization established in the wake of the Shoah to rebuild Jewish culture in Eastern Europe and through-out the world. In 1982 he was appointed its executive vice president. His career at the MFJC would ultimately span more than four decades. Through its grant programs, the foundation supported the publication of more than 3,500 books dealing with Jewish culture, broadly defined, many of which were in Eastern European languages which played a major role in the reconstruction of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. It also awarded awarded 13,500 fellowships, doctoral scholarships, and community service grants, creating a most impressive mosaic of a new generation to replace the Jewish cultural elite which was decimated in the Shoah.
    But Dr. Hochbaum's proudest professional accomplishment was the MFJC's Nahum Goldmann Fellowship program (NGF). Led by Dr. Hochbaum, this program pioneered 32 international fellow ships on six continents. These gatherings identified and trained more than 1,000 young men and women for leadership positions in their communities. The major objective of the NGF was propagating a microcosm of Klal Yisrael. The fellows came from Jewish communities, large and small, from all corners of the globe representing all the religious denominations as well as a mix of lay and professional leaders hailing from right and left on the political spectrum. Yet at the NGF, they found themselves together in a safe setting where they could openly and comfortably relate not only to the outstanding faculty but to each other. Fellows were given the opportunity to discuss with their peers and with the esteemed faculty the vision they wished to pursue congruent with their personal aspirations and their ambitions as Jewish leaders. The intense Jewish underpinnings of the fellowship, especially the Sabbath program organized by the fellows- from the candle lighting candle Friday night until havdala- became a transforming experience of Jewish unity and Ahavat Yisrael. We hoped that they would similarly inspire it within and between their communities.
    At age 85 Dr. Hochbaum published, Songs of Ascent, a collection of his poems. He began writing poetry at a young age but remained a hidden poet for many years until his retirement. Dr. Jacob J. Schachter, University Professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University lauded the book's ''poignancy, depth, wisdom, humility and introspection, sure to inspire its readers.'' Dr Hochbaum retired with his wife to Israel, fulfilling a life long dream and now relishes spending time with his children and grandchildren, all of whom now live in Israel.

    Praise for The Hidden Light: Biblical Paradigms for Leadership

    “The topic of leadership is of critical interest to all of us today. Dr. Jerry Hochbaum’s The Hidden Light: Biblical Paradigms for Leadership addresses this topic in a thorough and thoughtful manner. Dr. Hochbaum draws upon his many decades of experience at the helm of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, along with his academic expertise in the social sciences and his Torah erudition, to produce a most insightful and helpful work. The reader is sure to come away from this original book informed, enlightened, and inspired.”

    - Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Executive Vice President, Emeritus, Orthodox Union 

    “Dr. Jerry Hochbaum has given us a real gift. The innovative, insightful and inspiring divrei Torah on each parashah presented in this volume are devoted in particular to thoughts about the development and strengthening of Jewish leadership, which has been the focus of Dr. Hochbaum’s thinking and attention for decades. Throughout this work, Dr. Hochbaum demonstrates exquisite sensitivity to the nuances of the biblical text, paying careful attention to the significance of each word of the Torah. I learned much from his thoughtful insights and often novel interpretations, and I have no doubt that every reader will be greatly enriched by his ideas.”

    - Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. SchacterUniversity Professor of Jewish History and Jewish Thought, Senior Scholar, Center for the Jewish Future, Yeshiva University