THE DAWN OF REDEMPTION: What the Books of Ruth and Yona Teach About Alienation, Despair and Return

THE DAWN OF REDEMPTION: What the Books of Ruth and Yona Teach About Alienation, Despair and Return
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    THE DAWN OF REDEMPTION: What the Books of Ruth and Yona Teach About Alienation, Despair and Return

    by Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin

    Softcover, 235 pages
    Urim Publications, 2009
    ISBN: 978-965-524-022-1

    The Dawn of Redemption traces the Jewish concept of individual and communal Redemption through its cosmic antecedents to the role it plays in personal experiences and struggles. Drawing on classic sources, the author melds private experiences with historical forces, personal destiny and the Divine Plan, and shows how alienation and despair are transformed into exhilaration and closeness to God. Upon the canvas of the Biblical books of Ruth and Jonah, one finds in this psychological, philosophical, and spiritual investigation a profound restatement of the redemptive idea within Judaism and its potential to satisfy and uplift the life of every man and woman.

    About the Author:
    Meir Levin is a physician, Torah scholar, and teacher who lives in Monsey, NY. A former pulpit rabbi and a popular lecturer, he is an author of Novarodok: The Movement that Lived in Struggle and its Unique Approach to the Problem of Man (Jason-Aronson, NJ, 1996), With All Your Heart: The Shema in Jewish Worship, Practice and Life (Targum/Feldheim, 2002), and The Rabbis' Advocate: Chacham David Nieto and the Second Kuzari (Yashar Books, 2006). Many of the essays in this book had been presented as a series on

    Praise for Dawn of Redemption: 
    "Levin's goals combine with his chosen interpretative strategies to create a blend that is unique and often refreshing. In addition, he is forthright about methodology, stating exactly what methodological choices he is making and why he makes them. Levin makes extensive use of rabbinic literature to elucidate the texts of both biblical books, although this tendency is more pronounced in his commentary to Ruth. This choice means that, in addition to his own considerable talents, Levin has placed the textual, psychological, historical and spiritual wisdom of the entire rabbinic tradition at his disposal, and his commentary is much richer for it.... 
    The Dawn of Redemption... is a worthy contemporary heir to the rabbinic and kabbalistic traditions that its author so reveres." 
    -Mattan ErderJewish Bible Quarterly 

    "This commentary by Dr. Levin deserves our attention because, unlike other works on Ruth, he takes this Biblical narrative as a serious historical and nationalist lesson for us, both in terms of a larger perspective and as the frail human creatures that we truly are. As the characters in the book play their roles, Dr. Levin enables us, through his commentary, to better appreciate their actions and motives. 
    For certain, you will never regard the Book of Ruth in the same way after learning from the pen of Dr. Meir Levin." 
    -Alan J. GerberThe Jewish Star 

     Praise for Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin's Previous books:
    "Reading your manuscript gave me great pleasure. It clarifies basic and fundamental aspects of Judaism. You actually covered many yesodei ha-das which greatly help those who are searching for the truth.... May it be His will that you accomplish your goal to bring merit to many with this endeavor."
    - Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, Shlita, Dean, Talmudic Yeshiva of Philadelphia

    "Meir Levin has produced a work amazing in its fullness and depth of scholarship. He penetrates to the very roots of the subject while displaying a familiarity with all that has been said about this topic for the last thousand years.... My wish for the author is that he witness the fulfillment of the prayer of King David, "And may the pleasantness of Hashem be upon us: And the work of our hands be established for us; indeed, the work of our hands be His establishment."
    - Rabbi Yechiel Perr, Rosh Yeshiva, Derech Ayson Rabbinical Seminary

    "I bless him that he should be successful in all his pursuits, continue to honor the name of Heaven both in his Torah and his work, from Fear of Heaven...."
    - Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary

    "I am pleased to speak in praise of this very worthy individual, Rabbi Meir Levin, whom I have known for a very long time... and he is a great scholar and descends in clarity to the depth of Torah teachings and he has the ability to transmit words of Torah in an organized and clear manner...."
    - Rabbi Isroel Simcha Shorr, Rosh Yeshiva, Ohr Somayach, Monsey

    "I can underscore that which all who know R. Meyer Levin are aware of. He is an odom ne'eman, a trustworthy person of absolute integrity. A man who undertakes his holy work with great trepidation and yiras shamayim, whose motives are purely le-hagdil Torah u-le-ha'adirah.... R. Meyer personifies that which the gemara in Masechet Temurah so cherishes, those who we confer upon them the title Ish Eshkolos, ish she-hakol bo. A man of versatility who is learned enough and talented enough to excel in many different areas, R. Meyer has earned the title profoundly. Combined with his humble posture and soft-spoken manner he is indeed someone who is eminently qualified to undertake a project of this sort."
    - Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Madreigas ha-Adam