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    Amanut Hahitpa'alut: Gilui HaRuchaniyut Ha'ivrit Hamekorit

    by Alexander Seinfeld

    Softcover, 175 pages
    Devora Publishing, Urim Publications, 2010
    Danacode: 563-19

    Hebrew translation of the new and fully revised edition! This book is a step-by-step manual on how to nurture that sense of amazement every day, in every area of life, by tapping into forgotten ancient Jewish wisdom. You will discover a Judaism that is a masterful ancient spiritual system for unleashing the power of amazement. You will discover: 
    • The real meaning of life. 
    • A radical perspective on what it means to be Jewish. 
    • A system for cultivating amazement that really works. 
    • The possibility of being truly happy - every day. 
    • The kind of spirituality many people think only possible in Eastern religions. 
    • Your own spiritual genius waiting to come out. 
    Judaism is a profound spiritual system. Now, thanks to The Art of Amazement, the wisdom of obscure rituals and beliefs can become relevant for the twenty-first century. Previously published by Daas Books and Penguin, this new edition has been fully revised and expanded, including a new comprehensive index 

    About the Author: 
    Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld received a B.A. in Classics and an M.A. in anthropology. He lived and studied in yeshivas with some of the most renowned Jewish mystics of our times. Currently he conducts "Art of Amazement" seminars around the world, and lives with his family in Baltimore, where he is working toward a Ph.D. in ancient Jewish texts. 

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