STATE OF THE HEART: Stories of a Humanitarian Israel

STATE OF THE HEART: Stories of a Humanitarian Israel
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    STATE OF THE HEART: Stories of a Humanitarian Israel
    by David Kramer

    Hardcover, 197 Pages, includes 50 full color photographs
    Urim Publications, 2020
    ISBN: 978-965-524-333-8

    In State of the Heart, David Kramer takes us on a journey of Israel's humanitarian efforts that began more than 70 years ago and continues unabated throughout the world today.
    In this extraordinary and inspiring collection of over 50 stories, personal interviews, and photographs, David describes the benevolence and altruism that characterizes the nation of Israel. He engages the reader with narratives that identify and provide a glimpse into the compassionate soul of the Israeli people. 
    Featured in these accounts are descriptions of life-saving technology and innovation, helping the disabled and teens at risk, managing food collection and distribution programs for the disadvantaged, immigrant absorption and elder care, infertility programs, women's empowerment and human rights, rescuing victims in the aftermath of natural disasters worldwide, developing and providing life-saving solutions to those in developing nations, cleaning up and protecting the environment, and so much more. 
    State of the Heart captures the unique level of concern, care and uncompromising sense of mission, undertaken by Israelis, within Israel and around the globe.

    About the Author
    David Kramer is an educator, author and social entrepreneur. He has spent the past ten years helping Israeli and global non-profit organizations tell their story through a social start-up he founded in Israel. David spends much of his time meeting with tour groups in Israel, connecting them to the reality of life in Israel. He served in the Israeli army and lives in Jerusalem with his wife Tova and their five children. 

    Praise for State of the Heart
    "The stories presented in State of the Heart embody Israel at its best. From bringing clean water to the thirsty, to providing aid where it's needed most, this is the real Israel - working every day to make the world a better place."
    -Ambassador Danny Danon, Israel's Representative to the UN

    "A much overdue clarion call for the Jewish nation to stand tall by our actions and disprove the fake news about Israel."
    -Walter Bingham, Israel National Radio

    "This book is for anyone who wants to understand what makes the tiny and embattled Jewish State a humanitarian superpower."
    -Vijeta Uniyal, Legal Insurrection