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    A Midrashic Insight into the lives of Joseph, Aharon, Miriam, Lavan, Esav and Bilaam 
    and 103 Comprehensive Rules of Interpretation Used by Rashi

    by Rabbi Chaim Spring and Jay Shapiro

    Hardcover, 367 pages
    Urim Publications, 2008

    Saints and Sinners is essentially two books in one. The first part is a novel in-depth analysis of three righteous persons in the Torah - Yosef, Aharon and Miriam; and three wicked persons - Lavan, Esav and Bilaam,. The main characteristics of these personae are determined using Midrashic sources and biblical commentators including Rashi, Nachmanides, Malbim, and other authoritative glosses.

    The second, self-contained part of the book, entitled Hamenorah Hatehorah, is a detailed analysis of the style of Rashi and the rules used in his commentary. More than one hundred rules are documented and elucidated. This offers a unique opportunity for students at all levels of experience to understand both the depth and the greatness of Rashi.

    About the Authors:
    Chaim Spring
    studied in the Mir, Bais Yosef Navardok and Ponovezh Yeshivot, receiving his ordination from Rabbi Jofen (Bais Yosef). A graduate of Brooklyn College, he served as a U.S. army chaplain, worked with jewish organizations and operated a jewish bookstore before making Aliyah to Israel in 1973. He is a master bookbinder specializing in restoration of rare manuscripts and artistic leather designs.

    Jay Shapiro attended Mesivta Torah Vodaath and the University of Pennsylvania. He worked at several American firms before moving to Israel in 1969 where he was employed for 25 years at Israel Aircraft Industries. At present he is director of a private consulting firm dealing with U.S. government contracting.

    Praise for Saints and Sinners:
    "Saints and Sinners provides deep insights into many of the famous people of the Bible. It is a book of scholarship, interest and great value. Its clarification of the rules that govern the great commentary of Rashi is a most useful tool for any student of that commentary or of Torah generally. It should find place in every Jewish home and library."
    - Rabbi Berel Wein

    "...the authors offer an interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring presentation. I recommend this book as a guide to spiritual growth and an aid to Torah study."
    - Rabbi Zev Leff

    "Your work on Rashi demonstrates that you perceive Rashi as a teacher and not just as a commentary. May your sefer impact others to have that same perspective."
    - Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik