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    By Rabbi Francis Nataf

    Hardcover, 140 pages
    Urim Publications, 2016 
    ISBN: 978-965-524-260-7

    Redeeming Relevance in the Book of Deuteronomy continues Rabbi Francis Nataf's innovative analysis of the five books of the Bible. A fresh look at the final and most challenging of the five books, this volume focuses on topics such as mortality, personal vision, identity, humanity, and religion and state. Rabbi Nataf has a talent for discovering previously untouched facets of the Torah and connecting them to Jewish tradition. The clarity of the insights and patterns presented shows how a personal analysis of the biblical text can lead to living a more spiritually rewarding and ethically correct life.

    About the Author:
    Rabbi Francis Nataf is a Jerusalem-based educator and writer. He is associate editor of The Jewish Bible Quarterly, writes a weekly parasha column for The Jewish Press, and is a frequent contributor to such publications as Haaretz, Jewish Action, The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, and The Jerusalem Report. Rabbi Nataf is known for the unique and thoughtful approach towards Jewish texts and tradition which he has brought to synagogue, conference, and university audiences on four continents. This is his fourth and penultimate volume in the Redeeming Relevance series.

    Praise for previous volumes in the Redeeming Relevance series by Rabbi Francis Nataf:
    "The serious and sensitive initiative to cope with the substantive issues as well as with their educational ramifications deserves the respect of a broad range of readers. Rabbi Nataf's fresh voice is one the Torah world will find well worth hearing."
    - Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein, z"l

    "Redeeming Relevance paints with broad strokes, articulating major themes... clearly, with elegance and wisdom... it is replete with novel insights, it is creative and thoughtful, and it brings into focus the proverbial forest that is formed by the textual trees. I recommend this book, and I encourage the reader to use it as a companion to the text."
    - Rabbi Ari Kahn, author of Echoes of Eden

    "Redeeming Relevance... is a profound and important addition to the Torah literature of our day" Rabbi Nataf's readings are insightful, nuanced, and pregnant with thought-provoking insights. [He] skillfully deploys a vast command of the exegetical work of the Jewish tradition from the Midrash Rabbah and the medieval commentators through the works of the Netziv and R. Soloveitchik as well as displaying judicious use of the works of modern writers such as Thomas Mann who have enriched our understanding of the Bible. This has been coupled with a close and careful reading of the biblical text oriented to unlock the existential truths that emerge from the Divine word."
    Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot, author of Mikra & Meaning

    "Rabbi Francis Nataf is a fresh, creative voice." He pursues Jewish spiritual renewal with moral and intellectual honesty. Seeking solutions to difficult problems, he does not hesitate to slay "sacred cows" along the way. There is no doubting his impact in the years ahead."
    - Prof. Yehuda Gellman, Dept. of Philosophy, Ben-Gurion University

    "Rabbi Francis Nataf's exploration of the Bible is filled with insights and is a fresh take on an ancient text. The bottom line is that Nataf's analysis is impressive and brings something new to Biblical scholarship..."
    - Rabbi Aharon E. Wexler, Jewish Bible Quarterly

    "Rabbi Francis Nataf has succeeded admirably at taking the shiurim.... he has given over many years and putting them in an engaging and readable form. His discussions' raise useful and worthwhile questions about the text, lead readers through the search for solutions by adducing sources that grant the sought-after insight, and end with practical lessons that bring the theoretical analysis into the real."
    - Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein, Lookstein Digest

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