REBECCA'S CHOICE: The Surprising Sequel to the Tale of Ivanhoe

REBECCA'S CHOICE: The Surprising Sequel to the Tale of Ivanhoe
    Price: $18.00

    REBECCA'S CHOICE: The Surprising Sequel to the Tale of Ivanhoe

    by Alexander Balman

    Softcover, 256 pages
    Penina Press, Urim Publications, 2010
    ISBN: 978-193-606-819-7

    Rebecca's Choice is a captivating sequel to Scott's Ivanhoe -- a book that has been a source of delight to generations of readers. In this new and surprising tale, Rebecca, a Jewess barely saved from being burned at the stake by the Templars, discovers that her former oppressor, the Templar knight Brian de Bois-Guilbert, is not dead but just unconscious.

    Fate delivers the life of her enemy into her hands and she must make a choice between revenge and compassion. Rebecca decides to conceal him and he leaves England in her company, disguised as a Jew, while being hunted by his Templar brothers who fear disclosure of the true secrets of the Order.

    After a long journey full of dangers, they arrive at the residence of Rabbi Moses (Maimonides) in Egypt where Rebecca and Brian part ways -- seemingly forever. But unexpected adversaries and many more adventures await both of them.

    Everyone involved in this story tries to fulfill his or her own ambitions: Brian wants to become king of the war-torn Crusader kingdom; Rabbi Moses tries to understand God and the Universe; Hamed, the freed slave, desires revenge. But only Rebecca will achieve what seems to be the impossible.

    About the Author:
    Alexander Balman is a historian with a research master's degree in Jewish History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He wrote his thesis on the subject of conversion usage in ancient Judaism. Currently working at the National Library of Israel as a digitization specialist, he was previously a news cameraman, an animation and documentary filmmaker, and a police specialist in forensic photography and computer processing. He is married to a painter and has two adult sons and a golden retriever.