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    by Rabbi Yehuda Warburg

    Hardcover, 367 pages
    Urim Publications, 2016
    ISBN: 978-965-524-213-3

    Rabbinic Authority is a series with multiple volumes which are sold separately. Find Volume 1 here.

    In the second volume of his groundbreaking series on rabbinic authority in English, Rabbi Warburg continues his in-depth discussion of rabbinical court arbitration decisions. He is the first rabbinic arbitrator to publish Piskei Din on cases in Jewish civil law. It is important that those who interact with the institution of a Beit Din know the inner dynamics and reasoning of those who issue rulings. This volume focuses on a number of topics such as the halakhic identity of an investment broker, the propriety of a civil will, contemporary issues relating to domestic violence, and the role of a rabbinical advocate in the Beit Din process. These topics and more are closely examined in volume 2 of Rabbinic Authority.

    About the Author:
    Since 1999, Rabbi Dr. A. Yehuda Warburg has served as a Dayan on various Battei Din panels in the Hassidic, Modern Orthodox, Sephardic, and Yeshiva communities in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. He is a former research fellow at the Institute of Jewish Law at Boston University School of Law. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Tradition and served on the editorial board of The Jewish Law Annual. For over two decades, Rabbi Warburg delivered classes in Hoshen Mishpat (business law) and Even ha-Ezer (family law) to rabbinical students at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, an affiliate of Yeshiva University. He is the author of dozens of articles in the areas of jurisprudence, family law, bioethics, contracts, and securities law that address the interface of Halakha and U.S. law, and he is the author of volume 1 of Rabbinic Authority.

    Praise for Rabbinic Authority
    "For a number of decades, I have been involved on an ad hoc basis as a Dayan, including serving on judicial panels for the Beth Din of America. In this capacity, I have often crossed paths with Rabbi Warburg and served together with him on the same judicial panel. In each panel we served on together, Rabbi Warburg's outstanding Torah scholarship was always in evidence, scholarship motivated by a perfectionist's drive to achieve new vistas in advancing the double dimension of truth that stands as the ideal for the halakhic-judicial process."
    - From the foreword of Rabbi Dr. Aaron Levine, zt'l

    Foreword by R. Dr. Aaron Levine, z'l, to Volume 1
    Part I: Rabbinic Authority: The Vision
      Chapter 1: The Multifaceted Halakhic Identity of a Jewish Investment Broker
      Chapter 2: The Propriety of a Civil Will
      Chapter 3: Harnessing the Authority of Beit Din to Deal with Cases of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
      Chapter 4: An Employer's Vicarious Liability for an Employee's Sexual Misconduct
      Chapter 5: The Status and Role of a To'ein Rabbani in the Beit Din Process
    Part II Rabbinic Authority: The Reality
      Chapter 6: Decisions in Even ha-Ezer
        a. Spousal Rape, the Grounds for Divorcing anAdulterer, Retrieving Electronically Stored Information
            Incident to Divorce, and Nezikin Claims
        b. A Dead Marriage and its Halakhic Aftermath
      Chapter 7: Decisions in Hoshen Mishpat
        a. The Scope of an Investment Broker's Responsibility
        b. Piercing the Corporate Veil
        c. Non-Compete Agreements
        d. Promises! Promises! The Validity of a Real Estate Binder Agreement
        e. Real Estate Brokerage Agreement
        f. Dual Real Estate Commission, Illegal Contracts, and Civil Law
        g. Mekach Ta'ut, the Role of Gemirat Da'at in Undertaking Obligations in Transferring Property and
            Promise Keeping
        h. A Wayward Torah Heir
    Index of Halakhic Sources

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