ONLINE WITH ISRAEL AT THE MILLENNIUM: Insights into Life and Religion

ONLINE WITH ISRAEL AT THE MILLENNIUM: Insights into Life and Religion
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    ONLINE WITH ISRAEL AT THE MILLENNIUM: Insights into Life and Religion

    written by Micah Halpern

    Softcover, 125 pages
    Urim Publications, 1999
    ISBN: 965-7108-10-1

    On-Line With Israel At The Millennium: Insights into Life and Religion is a first hand, up-close look at Israeli society as it enters this third millennium. A collection of short essays, this book offers insights into the reactions behind the happenings, the people behind the politics, the real Israel - as it fights for its global and everyday survival in an ever-changing world. Halpern writes from the perspective of an insider, a Jewish educator and theologian.

    He takes a tour of the Israeli psyche - what makes Israelis tick, and why. He explains the significance of the Holy Land to the Christians and explores the ramifications of the Millennium for Israel and the world. His topics cover the range: from the state of education to the state of the nation - all Israeli style; from a behind the scenes look at a bus bombing to an up-close look at Jewish pilgrimages to Israel - all Jewish style; from the struggles within the ranks of Askhenazi and Sephardi Jewish youth to the revolution within the kosher wine market.

    This book will touch the heart and stimulate the mind of any person who has ever cared about Israel and the Holy Land, anyone curious about the place of Israel within the greater context of the Middle East, and everyone interested in the shaping of world history, religion and politics.

    About the Author:
    Micah D. Halpern, originally from Annapolis, Maryland, has been living in Israel since 1987. An educator, theologian and historian, he lectures frequently, both in the United States and Israel, on issues relating to intellectual history, popular culture, religious studies, the Holocaust and inter-religious communication. He is the founding director of the Jerusalem Center for European Study. Previously, Micah was a long standing educator with Young Judea and lecturer at Yale University. Since early 1997, Micah has served as the Israel columnist for America Online.

    Praise for Online With Israel at the Millennium:
    "Micah Halpern's essays sparkle with wit and wisdom and are liberally sprinkled with delicious nuggets of knowledge. He writes about Israel with an insider's passion but is always accessible to readers who know little about the subject." 
    - Matthew Kalmancolumnist for USA Today

    "As a member of a family that has lived in Israel for over 200 years, I personally found the essays fascinating and engaging. This book expresses a sensitive optimism for the future and is required reading for all potential visitors and for everyone whose heart lies in Israel."
    - Professor Moshe Mandelbaum, former Governor - Bank of Israel

    "The photographs added greatly to the enjoyment of the book, giving the reader a true sense of being there! The author's intimate perspective is illuminating, and meshed with the modern day situations in Israel. A must read for anyone interested in Israeli culture and the making of history."
    - Ytta Carr,

    "On-Line with Israel at the Millennium is a collection of 35 perceptive short essays about Israeli society, written from an insider's perspective. The author, an Orthodox rabbi and educator-covers topics ranging from the kosher wine revolution to the Wye peace agreements, from the Mossad to ultra-Orthodox voting patterns." 
    - Sandee Brawarsky, The Jewish Week