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    by Zvi Grumet

    Hardcover, 237 pages
    Urim Publications, 2014
    ISBN: 978-965-524-155-6

    Many believe that the stories surrounding the birth of Moses mark him from the cradle as being destined for leadership. Others argue that the track record of Moses as a leader leaves much to be desired, and that without the constant prompting by God, he would never have survived. The central proposition in this book is that neither of these polar positions reflects the profound transformations and growth Moses experiences. It is within the turbulent space of change that he becomes a great leader, but not without his fair share of missteps along the way. It is precisely from those mistakes that Moses learns so that he becomes a model of someone who ultimately emerges as a leader. This book traces his path to leadership.

    Readers of the book will be treated to rigorous and close readings of the text as tools for developing themes and patterns. Throughout the book they will be introduced to a variety of techniques and skills for reading the Bible and will experience the potential those techniques have for revealing unimagined layers of interpretation and mining the biblical text. This book will provoke readers to think about the Bible, about leadership, and about Moses, in a new light.

    About the Author:
    Zvi Grumet was ordained by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and holds an Ed.D. from Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. He is the author of numerous articles on both Tanakh and education, and has edited various publications, including Jewish Education in Transition. Rabbi Grumet is a senior staff member at The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education where he is the editor of the Jewish Educational Leadership journal. He is coordinator of the Tanakh Department at Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi in Jerusalem, and is a faculty member at Pardes Institute and at Hebrew College. Prior to his move to Israel, he taught and played a leadership role in numerous day schools in the New York area. Rabbi Grumet is a popular speaker for adult, university, teen, and synagogue groups.

    Praise for Moses and the Path to Leadership:

    "Moses and the Path to Leadership offers a thoughtful close-reading of the narrative trajectory of Moses's reluctant rise to leadership, his impassioned concern for justice, and the blend of patience and impatience that enabled him to accomplish his mission. Those awed by Moses's leadership will appreciate what this book offers: the odyssey of one man to redeem his people, take them to a homeland, and overcome his own shortcomings to realize a dream."
    - Dr. Erica Brown, writer and educator

    "Original, exciting, and unusual. Zvi Grumet's brilliant discovery of the real Moshe reminds us how hard it is to put up with the annoyances of life and still be really great people."
    - Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Ph.D., Dean of the David Cardozo Academy, Jerusalem

    "Zvi Grumet's superb meditation on Moses's leadership employs his real setbacks as part of the amazing narrative of learning and building from humiliating defeat. Grumet's direct conversational style makes the texts accessible, the context illuminating, and the subtext gripping. Grumet gets under the story to find what is truly at stake. His eye-opening analysis of the spies Moses sends and the ensuing social upheaval alone make this book worth buying and reading."
    - Rabbi Daniel Landes, Pardes Institute of Jerusalem