MIPEIROT HA'ILAN AL PARASHAT HASHAVU'AH: Ma'amarim Me'et Hokrei Universitat Bar-Ilan

MIPEIROT HA'ILAN AL PARASHAT HASHAVU'AH: Ma'amarim Me'et Hokrei Universitat Bar-Ilan
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    MIPEIROT HA'ILAN AL PARASHAT HASHAVU'AH: Ma'amarim Me'et Hokrei Universitat Bar-Ilan

    edited by Leib Moscovitz

    Bar-Ilan University, Urim Publications, 2005 
    Danacode: 563-10 

    This volume consists of studies on the weekly Torah reading by members of the faculty of Bar-Ilan University. These studies reflect Bar-Ilan University scholarship at its best - a unique combination of Torah scholarship and knowledge of traditional Jewish sources with excellence in the sciences and humanities. The studies in this volume present novel insights into the weekly Torah readings in light of diverse academic disciplines, synthesizing the sacred with the secular and the spiritual with the scientific.

    Bar-Ilan University, which just celebrated its jubilee year, is the largest institution of higher education in Israel. The University's unique message about the importance of integrating Torah study with general knowledge is being embraced by increasingly large numbers of Israelis. In these times of strife and division, Bar-Ilan University presents a rare model of cooperation and mutual respect between religious and nonreligious Jews, of the centrality of Jewish tradition combined with an aspiration for academic excellence.

    Similar book, in Hebrew, as Professors on the Parashah. 

    About the Author:
    Professor Leib Moscovitz is Associate Professor of Talmud at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He received his BA and MA from Yeshiva University and his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was ordained as a rabbi by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. He is the author of Talmudic Reasoning: From Casuistics to Conceptualization, as well as dozens of scholarly articles.

    Aaron Ahrend
    Zohar Amar
    Aryeh Arazi
    Michael Avioz
    Nathan Aviezer
    Meir Bar-Ilan
    Yonah Bar-Maoz
    Binyamin Bar-Tikvah
    Yair Barkai
    Menahem Ben-Yashar
    Hayyim Borgansky
    Mordecai Breuer
    Luba Charlap
    Yaakov Charlap
    Yuval Cherlow
    Ezra Chwat
    Aaron Demsky
    David Elgavish
    Avraham Elqayam
    Yehudah Feliks
    Amos Frisch
    Hayyim Genizi
    Israel Zvi Gilat
    Avraham Gottlieb
    Neryah Guttel
    Amos Hakham
    Shmuel Hacohen
    Pinchas Hayman
    Carmi Horowitz
    Hannah Kasher
    Moshe Kaveh
    Arnon Kimelman
    Alexander Klein
    Admiel Kosman
    Dov Landau
    Yirmiyahu Malchi
    Ayala Mishali
    Michael Zvi Nehorai
    Yosef Ofer
    Yossi Peretz
    Yosef Priel
    Yaakov Rand
    Rivka Raviv
    Shaul Regev
    Israel Rosenson
    Ze'ev Safrai
    Israel Samet
    Yaron Seri
    Aharon She'ar-Yashuv
    Yael Shemesh
    Shubert Spero
    Boaz Spiegel
    Yaakov Spiegel
    Danny Statman
    Hazoniel Touitou
    Yael Tzohar
    Devorah Ushpizai
    Itamar Wahrhaftig
    Judah Zoldan