LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: A Rabbi Copes with Cancer

LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: A Rabbi Copes with Cancer
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    LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: A Rabbi Copes with Cancer

    by Rabbi Stuart G. Weinblatt

    Hardcover, 176 pages
    KTAV Publishing House, Urim Publications, 2015
    ISBN: 978-965-524-170-9

    An honest and heartfelt chronicle of how a rabbi dealt with an unexpected diagnosis. With humor and wisdom gleaned from ancient and modern sources, Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt shares insights that helped him and the members of his congregation navigate the challenge of cancer. In so doing, Rabbi Weinblatt offers comfort and encouragement to patients and family members. Living in the Shadow of Death is also a valuable tool for clergy and health care professionals looking for guidance and inspiration.

    About the Author:
    Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt founded Congregations B'nai Tzedek in Potomac, Maryland in 1988, a vibrant and active Conservative synagogue of almost 650 families. Rabbi Weinblatt is the author of God, Prayer and Spirituality, and has been an adjunct professor at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. In recognition of his leadership role in the community and as an outstanding teacher and speaker, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington gave him its "Pillar of the Community" Award in 2007, and the Greater Washington Chapter of ORT gave him its "Man of the Year" Award in 2002. The Washington Jewish Week readers have repeatedly voted him the "Best Rabbi in Washington."

    Praise for Living in the Shadow of Death:
    "Rabbi Weinblatt writes an inspirational and encouraging guide for overcoming life's challenges. Living in the Shadow of Death is an intellectual and spiritual serving of chicken soup. There are lessons here for everyone."
    - Dave Camp, Former Member of US Congress

    "Living in the Shadow of Death wrestles powerfully and gracefully with the puzzles posed by mortal terror and questions of fairness and why a just God would see fit to burden one person with disease and spare another. And it wrestles with them in a great many ways. You or I might be struck with the same illness and ask the same questions, but could we answer them for others the way Stuart, Rabbi Weinblatt, more properly can and does?"
    - Jeffrey Kluger, senior editor of Time Magazine, and author of The Narcissist Next Door and The Sibling Effect

    "We are accustomed to the scenario in which a congregant is taken seriously ill and his rabbi comes to guide him through his crisis. But what happens when it is the rabbi who is stricken? Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt eloquently and poignantly shares with us his experience as a cancer patient and how it tested, and ultimately strengthened, his faith."
    - Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People