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    Edited by Margalit Shilo

    Hardcover, 384 pages (in Hebrew)
    Kolech Religious Women's Forum, Urim Publications, 2001
    ISBN: 965-7108-32-2

    What is the nature of innovation of women's entrance into the beit hamidrash as students of Torah? What is the woman's role in the synagogue, on festivals, and in significant ceremonies, hallmarks such as the birth of a baby girl or a bat-mitzvah? How should we contend with questions that arise within the context of the family and the Beit Din? These questions, and many more, are addressed in this collection of essays in Hebrew, and are the fruits of the First International Conference of Kolech, Religious Women's Forum.

    This book contains an open discussion on questions that, up until this point, were considered to be out of bounds. The lecturers, both female and male, from the fields of education, the rabbinate, academia, welfare services, and law and literature, give candid and daring answers to the above questions.

    Praise for Lehiyot Isha Yehudia:
    "...[This] is a work of great intelligence - profound and intriguing - encompassing everything from engaging halakhic discourse and educational dilemmas to enlightening concepts, revolutionary fervor, and a plethora of moving biographies of unique female personalities in the religious world.
    About how many books can one say that one feels that the author has an intimate knowledge of his reader, that he is aware of his grievances, and that the book has been especially written for him? [In reading Lehiyot Isha Yehudia], this was exactly my experience.... Whoever has experienced, on a personal level, the tension of being a female in the religious world will, no doubt, place this book on her bedside table, and will savor its exquisite taste, as one would when sipping a aged wine."
    - Yochi Brandes,Yediot Achronot

    "Lehiyot Isha Yehudia [is] courageous, honest and incisive."
    - Ha'aretz