JUDAISM ON TRIAL: An Unconventional Discussion about Jews, Judaism and the State of Israel

JUDAISM ON TRIAL: An Unconventional Discussion about Jews, Judaism and the State of Israel
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    JUDAISM ON TRIAL: An Unconventional Discussion about Jews, Judaism and the State of Israel

    Written by Nathan Lopes Cardozo

    Hardcover, 345 pages
    Urim Publications, 2000
    ISBN: 965-7108-28-4

    Judaism on Trial, Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo brings clarity to timeless questions relating to the very purpose of our existence while openly confronting such contemporary concerns as the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox divide. Combining extensive education in world thought and philosophy with an intense study of Jewish sources, Rabbi Cardozo shares compelling insights into a rich tradition. Written in a conversational style, readers of Judaism on Trial will find a personal, passionate work of logic and intellectual depth.

    About the Author:
    Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Dean of the David Cardozo School for Jewish Studies and Human Dignity, lectures regularly at over fifty institutions of Jewish and secular learning around the world. He is often hosted by programs with affiliation ranging from the Orthodox Union and Union of Sephardic Communities to Oxford and Harvard Universities. Regarded by many as a type of ambassador of Jewish conscience, he has, over the past twenty-five years, attracted a large number of students with his unconventional style. His fresh approach to many topics of social concern and his unswerving honesty continue to engage Jews and non-Jews alike.

    Praise for Judaism on Trial:
    "Rabbi Cardozo deals with the most complex issues in a forthright and stimulating fashion."
    - Rabbi Dr. Marc D. Angel, Past President of the Rabbinical Council of America, Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel of New York City

    "Filled with substance, humor, sincerity, and impeccable logic, Rabbi Cardozo is a master teacher."
    - Professor Rene H. Levy, Chair of Dept. of Pharmaceutics University of Washington

    "You brought me home, you turned me to Sinai and once there, clarity was mine and doubt was gone."
    - Robert Kurtz, Hollywood Writer and Producer

    "Rabbi Lopes Cardozo has written a delightfully eclectic and often provocative collection of short essays in the form of dialogues. The uniqueness of this volume is its challenge to conventional thinking...this approach... resonated in my soul."
    - Dr. Moshe Dann, Jerusalem Post

    "Dotted everywhere [in Judaism on Trial] are mind-boggling statements from an extremely courageous Orthodox rabbi...as we progress with this almost talmudic style discourse, we suddenly come across absolute gems of wisdom...[which] emerge triumphant."
    - Doreen Wachmann, Jewish Telegraph

    "Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo is a refreshingly thoughtful presenter of traditional Judaism. [Judaism on Trial] is a free-ranging discussion in the form of a dialogue with a fictional student, which enables him to hop from subject to subject. He will talk about boredom or sport, for instance, or...differences between Deism, Pantheism and Chasidic Panentheism. The meaning of Judaism, he argues, unfolds through "constant struggle and questioning" rather than purely obedience to authority...this is a lively and sophistocated entree into Jewish thinking."
    - Simon Rocker, Jewish Chronicle

    "Rabbi Cardozo's initial goal is to create perplexity in a generation that he considers complacent. Rabbi Cardozo contends that many in the Jewish community adhere to a religious behaviorism devoid of meaning. The title of the book suggests that Judaism can only have deep meaning when its doctrines are questioned and analyzed.
    Rabbi Cardozo's opinions on these issues live up to his promise of being unconventional. His work is unique in that it does not reflect a monolithic or dogmatic "party line" position. Rather, each issue is openly and thoughtfully examined based on its own merits. The reader will probably find some of Rabbi Cardozo's opinions provocative. As such, the book fulfills the author's goal of serving as a catalyst for rethinking and re-examination. Even one who does not agree with Rabbi Cardozo's opinion on a particular point will have enhanced the meaning of his Judaism through the process of considering the issues raised. 
    Judaism on Trial is a valuable work for individual reading or for use in group or classroom discussions."
    - Rabbi Stanley Peerless, Torah Community Connections