HAYOM HARAT OLAM: Conceptions and Perceptions of the High Holidays

HAYOM HARAT OLAM: Conceptions and Perceptions of the High Holidays
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    HAYOM HARAT OLAM: Conceptions and Perceptions of the High Holidays

    by Mordechai Fachler
    Compiled and edited by David Fachler

    Hardcover, 274 pages
    Renana Publishers, Urim Publications, 2015
    ISBN: 978-156-871-600-8

    Rabbi Mordechai Fachler's insights into the Yamim Noraim are captured in this first written collection of his sermons. Each year, addressing hundreds of congregants, he would explore a central theme that he meticulously developed from Rosh Hashanah through Shemini Atzeret. His superb oratory, infectious warmth, and zealous enthusiasm for the subject matter captivated audiences, taking them on a journey of discovery and appreciation of G-d's beauty everywhere. His sermons taught them to feel G-d's love and perceive His oneness in a multi-colored rainbow world. These ideas proved mentally stimulating and spiritually satisfying, inspiring the listeners to become better Jews and more sensitive human beings.

    About the Author:
    Rabbi Mordechai Fachler (1949-2010) was a highly respected Torah scholar, educator, communal rabbi and therapist. Born in Letchworth, UK, he studied Torah at the Be'er Yaakov and Mir yeshivot in Israel and obtained an MA in Psychotherapy at London's Regents College. Rabbi Fachler held several high-profile rabbinical and educational positions in Johannesburg and London, and was one of the early pioneers in tackling the unique challenges of integrating psychotherapy into religious orthodox frameworks.

    Praise for Hayom Harat Olam:
    "These essays shine the brilliant light of Torah wisdom on the journey of becoming more elevated, enlightened and inspired Jews. In these writings, Rabbi Fachler's depth as a talmid chacham, wise psychologist, and analyzer of human behaviour is on full and beautiful display."
    - Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein

    "Rabbi Mordechai Fachler z"l spent his life teaching and spreading the wisdom of Torah at all levels. He was an exceptional person who was a source of inspiration and guidance in the lives of hundreds of people."
    - Rabbi Dr. Alan Kimche