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    Expanded edition and translation into Hebrew of: The Rebbe, The Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference

    by David Berger

    Hardcover, 207 pages
    Urim Publications, 2005 
    Danacode: 563-11

    Praise for the Hebrew edition of HaRebbi Melech HaMoshiach:
    "As a person of humble stature, I will certainly not express a personal opinion about so critical and weighty a matter that bears extraordinary historical and religious significance, a matter upon which the foundations of the Jewish faith depend on the one hand, and upon which the peace and unity of religious Jewry in our generation depend on the other". But what I can certainly say is that in my humble opinion Prof. Berger-s is a serious, thought-provoking book that raises weighty questions and is based upon attested facts, documents, and quotations; anyone with a communal position in the Torah world, and anyone troubled by this issue, is obligated to peruse it with seriousness and gravity."
    - Rabbi Yoel Catane, Ha-Ma'ayan

    Praise for the English edition of HaRebbi Melech HaMoshiach 
    "Passionate, powerful, brilliant. This is simply the most important book of Judaism-not about Judaism but of Judaism-to appear this year, and the most urgent in decades."
    - Jacob Neusner, Jerusalem Post

    "Compelling...imperative reading."
    - Allan Nadler, Forward

    "Carefully and vigorously argued...a compelling, jarring, deeply disturbing polemic and precisely what Professor Berger intended it to be: "[A] memoir, a history, a religious tract...an indictment, a lament, and an appeal." It is passionate, yet scholarly and precise. Its message is emotional and religiously inspired, yet its careful treatment of evidence bears the unmistakable mark of a seasoned scholar."
    Yaakov Kermaier, Tradition

    "The principle is right, the passion is right, and the deeply classical nature of David Berger's book is very moving. It is rare that the scholarly study of Judaism so intensely engages with living Judaism. Berger's erudite ferocity is exhilarating."
    - Leon Wieseltier