GOD'S WOMB: The Garden of Eden - Innocence and Beyond

GOD'S WOMB: The Garden of Eden - Innocence and Beyond
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    GOD'S WOMB: The Garden of Eden - Innocence and Beyond

    by Martin Herbst

    Hardcover, 278 pages
    Menachem Publishing, Urim Publications, 2003 
    ISBN 9657108-27-6

    God's Womb thoughtfully presents a new perspective of the world through a unique prism. The story of the Garden of Eden found in the book of Genesis is reinterpreted, and a compelling argument is offered, for the necessity of Adam and Eve to have matured from a fetus-like existence into full-fledged human beings, stripped of innocence, yet infused with free will. The Christian and Islamic perspectives on both the Garden of Eden and the human capacity for free will are also included, with an emphasis on how these attitudes can be compared and contrasted with that of their mother religion, Judaism. A work of contemporary religious theology results, serving as a novel vision that helps to clarify both the meaning and purpose of the existence of human life. 
    "No other place, real or imagined, has been the subject of such endless interpretation and speculation in all fields of endeavor as has been the Garden of Eden. Mythologized, eulogized, fantasized and demonized, this story of our beginnings has inspired some of the greatest works of history's most brilliant and creative thinkers and artists. The story of the Garden of Eden continues to resonate within our deepest memories and desires." 
    - excerpt from God's Womb 

    About the Author: 
    Martin Herbst was a successful marketing executive in the United States in the last quarter of the 20th century. He currently resides and studies in Jerusalem. His writings fuse principles and strategies of mass media with knowledge of comparative religion and philosophy, with a focus on Jewish tradition and history. The author has appeared in Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in America. Mr. Herbst is happily married to Dr. Theresa Worner Herbst, an academic physician, and has four children and six grandchildren.