GIRL MEETS GOD: The Gift of Being a Jewish Woman

GIRL MEETS GOD: The Gift of Being a Jewish Woman
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    GIRL MEETS GOD: The Gift of Being a Jewish Woman

    by Joannie Tansky

    Softcover, 167 pages
    Penina Press, Urim Publications, 2012
    ISBN: 978-965-524-120-4

    Glistening with the colors of her evolving religious life (as a ba'alat teshuva) with warmth, humor and the sixth sense elicited from an evolving awareness, Joannie Tansky creates an absorbing read for anyone interested in the power of faith and the possibilities that open up to a woman in search of her spiritual self.

    Her vignettes span more than seventeen years of experiences embracing the feminine point of view of Judaism including Shabbat, kashrut, mikvah, menopause, holidays, and world travel visiting Jewish institutions. One goal of her writing is to inspire those who are already Torah observant, yet find themselves feeling stale or bored. Another is to allay the fears of women (and perhaps men) who are just beginning their journey, explaining with humor and depth that one does not have to embrace all of Judaism at once.

    About the Author:
    Joannie (Henya) Tansky was born in Montreal in 1951. While her children were growing up, Joannie worked from home operating her own small business and became very active in World ORT to eventually become president of her local chapter. Later, while working with her husband in the textile business as both a designer and agent, she discovered a neighborhood Chabad house, the Montreal Torah Center (MTC), and embraced Judaism.

    Joannie is the managing editor at the Montreal Torah Center and the editor of Mosaic magazine and the weekly Mosaic Express, for which she has traveled to such places as Russia, Germany, Israel, Alaska, and Sacramento, California. In addition, she has been a member of the Chevra Kadisha Burial Society for many years. She and her husband Freddy have been married for over forty years, have raised three children and cherish several beautiful grandchildren.