FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot
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    FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot

    by Penny Harow

    Hardcover, 160 pages, full color
    Urim Publications, 2008 
    ISBN: 978-965-524-009-2

    Engage and entertain your family and friends with Penny Harow's Festival of Lights, which enables you to explore Chanukah from an artistic perspective. A charming addition to your home this Chanukah, this book offers a display of more than 140 Chanukiot which were created and crafted from various materials, toys, and household objects.

    Festival of Lights takes readers of all ages beyond dreidels and chocolate coins, giving the holiday of Chanukah new meaning. Enjoy it in your home or classroom as an effective educational tool that will arouse curiosity about the holiday of Chanukah year after year.

    Festival of Lights - explore Chanukah from a different perspective.

    About the Author:
    Penny Harow loves to design and craft meaningful as well as fun objects. She is the mother of four and lives in Beit Shemesh.

    Praise for Festival of Lights:
    "Her cleverness with toys and other small objects (nail polish jars, light bulbs) is really quite delightful, as she states in the title. Entertaining and possibly inspiring for other artists and crafters." 
    - Diana Brement, JTNews

    "Chanukah All Year Round. 
    Festival of Lights: A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot, written and created by Penny Harow, is not officially a craft book. Published in Israel by Urim Publications and in the US by the Brooklyn-based Lambda Publications, Festival of Lights is a compilation of more than 150 menorahs made and collected by Mrs. Harow.

    The book found its genesis 12 years ago when the Harows built their home in Beit Shemesh. Among the rubble, she found perfectly cut pieces of floor tile that had been discarded by the workmen. Her creative mind saw them as the perfect size for bases for chanukiot.

    Many of her menorahs are made of toys; some are made of candy; and one is even fashioned from toothbrushes, mouthwash, and store-bought "teeth" as candle-holders (it was designed to give to her dentist). "Essentially, whenever I walk into a dollar-store, or discount store, or anywhere actually, I see everything in terms of chanukiot," says Mrs. Harow.

    After enjoying this book, you might just feel the same way. As Mrs. Harow says, "What could be better than feeling like it's Chanukah all year round?"
    -Susan L. Rosenbluth, The Jewish Voice & Opinion

    "Filled with full-color photos of the author's collection of Chanukah menorahs, chanukiot, Festival of Lights - A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot could make a delightful gift this winter.
    The fanciful creations will delight newcomers to Jewish traditions and practices who take pride in being Jewish. Grandparents can spend time "oohhing and ahhing" over the pictures with enthralled grandchildren as they share the fun of spotting familiar cartoon characters and objects. Shiny, tiny red fire engines, child-friendly toys and musical instruments are part of the photographic fun." 
    -Yocheved Golani, The Jewish Press

    "Penny Harow is a 38-year-old mother of four, who lives with her husband and children in Beit Shemesh, Israel. Although she holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social work, Penny devotes much of her time to her artistic and creative pursuits. In addition to her affinity for wearable art, Penny is known around her community for her whimsical, funky centerpiece designs which have decorated many tables at local functions.

    One of the artist's most extensive creative menageries is her chanukiot (menorah) collection. Penny has created a collection of 150 - 200 chanukiot that appeal to both children and adults. The chanukiot are fashioned from a variety of materials, objects and figurines, ranging from blocks, cars and balls to dolls, makeup and miniature furniture. The work has been exhibited in the Israel Design Center|Mediatheque in Holon (the largest public library in Israel), The Benjamin Kruger Library in Beit Shemesh, as well as the Ein Yael Museum in Jerusalem.

    Penny presents workshops to adults and children of varying ages during which she discusses the laws of kosher and non-kosher chanukiot. She presents the different examples of chanukiot which she has constructed and conducts discussions about whether or not the specific chanukiah being shown is - or is not - kosher.

    In addition to the workshops that she has conducted and the past exhibits, Penny's chanukiot have been featured in the Israeli magazines Makor La'yiladim and Connections. They have also been showcased on Israeli television.

    Recently, Mrs. Harow has published a coffee table book titled Festival of Lights, which highlights many of the chanukiot in the collection.

    The book is both an entertaining and fun journey through a world of exciting chanukiot designs, as well as an educational tool with which to teach the laws and requirements of proper, kosher chanukiah construction. It is, therefore, an enhancement to living rooms ...and classrooms, alike!

    Please log onto Penny's website, www.pennyschanukiot.com, to see the gallery of chanukiot, photos from exhibits, workshops and publications, as well as testimonials confirming the educational and entertainment values of this original publication." 
    - Federation Star

    "The Festival of Lights is an annual Jewish community celebrating Chanukah. Festival of Lights: A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot is a collection of images depicting dozens of creative methods for celebrating this tradition with unique lights, from action figures to pool balls fashioned into candles. A wonderful look at creative ways to cherish the holiday, Festival of Lights is a must-have for any celebrator who wants to do something different." 
    - Midwest Book Review