EQUALITY LOST: Essays in Torah Commentary, Halacha, and Jewish Thought [softcover]

EQUALITY  LOST: Essays in Torah Commentary, Halacha, and Jewish Thought [softcover]
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    EQUALITY LOST: Essays in Torah Commentary, Halacha, and Jewish Thought [softcover]

    by Rabbi Yehuda Henkin

    Hardcover, 189 Pages, Softcover edition 
    Urim Publications, 2018
    ISBN: 978-965-524-297-3

    In Equality Lost, Rabbi Yehuda Henkin teaches us how to extract the peshat in the Torah and demonstrates how to interpret Halacha in regard to women in the age of feminism, the conversion to Judaism of children in non-observant homes, women reading the Megilla, and the killing of captured terrorists. Readers will immediately recognize the direct, sensible, and authentically Jewish evaluations of current phenomena such as the glatt kosher craze. In addition, he gives us fresh and unsettling insights into the reasons for the destruction of the Second Temple, the lessons to be learned therefrom, and the ramifications of these lessons for the State of Israel.

    About the Author:
    Rabbi Yehuda Henkin is the author of three volumes of halachic questions and answers Bnei Banim, the Torah Commentary Chibah Yeteirah, and more than a hundred articles in periodicals and scholarly journals. Born in the United States in 1945, he studied for six years with his grandfather, the famous posek Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Henkin, of blessed memory, from whom he received rabbinical semichah. He is also a graduate of Columbia University. Following his Aliya to Israel in 1972, Rabbi Henkin served as the Rabbi of the Beit Shean valley prior to moving to Jerusalem. His wife, Chana Henkin, is founder and head of the Nishmat Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies for Women. 

    Praise for Equality Lost:
    "It is a pleasure to learn with Henkin, who uses accessible language and whose arguments and deductions are often delightful. The title essay relates to the problems some people have regarding feminism and the needs of learned women. All in all, there are six essays [of fifteen] concerning women's issues, none of which contains apologetics. Study groups will find much material here to fill hours of discussion."
    Gael Hammer, Australian Jewish News 

    "Unfortunately, R. Henkin and his responsa have been largely unknown outside of Israel. His English book Equality Lost (Jerusalem: Urim, 1999) will, it may be hoped, serve as a remedy to this situation....
    Equality Lost is a book of importance for the Modern Orthodox community, opening a window into the thought and rulings of this serious, sensitive poseq....
    His willingness to critique incompetent rabbinic leadership, his considerable tolerance for religious diversity, and his general progressiveness all run counter to deeply entrenched right-wing religious sensibilities. It is a sad fact that, for all his prudence, R. Henkin still faces obstacles to his acceptance. In the book's forward, R. Henkin states that he was unable to get a number of his articles published, even in such journals as Tradition and Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (p.8). Considering that the latter journal often publishes articles of young rabbis in their 20s or 30s who do not approach the stature of competence of R. Henkin, this is a sad commentary, indeed....
    It is because of him, and the few others like him, that important issues for the Modern Orthodox community are being addressed in a serious halachik manner." 
    Dov Linzer, The Edah Journal

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