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    Editor in Chief: Dr. Geoffrey Wigoder

    Judaica Multimedia, 1997 
    ISBN: 965-0706-65-8

    Winner of the ALA Dartmouth Medal Award, Honorable Mention 

    The Encyclopaedia Judaica CD-ROM edition, surpasses the printed version by incorporating an extraordinary combination of updated text, powerful search features, and extensive multimedia elements including a Media Gallery and Interactive Timeline.

    The clearly marked hyperlinks in addition to the Bibliography, See Also and Glossary features ensure that each of the 25,000 articles is a gateway to the Jewish world. There's something for everyone - regardless of background, knowledge or experience. The Media Gallery contains an unprecedented multimedia collection of rare films, photographs, slide shows, music, maps, charts & tables, providing an opportunity to watch, listen and learn while the Interactive Timeline opens a window to the rich history of the Jewish people.

    All this plus the complete 26 volumes of the original text is available all on a single CD ROM - the perfect gift and an indispensable item in any library collection.

    About the Editor:
    Born in Leeds, England, Geoffrey Wigoder was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, Oxford, Jews' College, London, and the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. In 1949 he settled in Jerusalem. He was director of Israel radio's Overseas Broadcasts, founder-director of the Oral History department and Jewish Film Archives in the Hebrew University's Institute of Contemporary Jewry, and Historical Adviser to the Diaspora Museum (Beth Hatefutsoth) in Tel Aviv. In 1991, he was visiting professor of Modern Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester.

    Wigoder succeeded Cecil Roth as Editor in Chief of the Encyclopaedia Judaica in 1970 (having previously been deputy Editor in Chief) and edited its year books from 1981 and the CD-ROM edition. He is author of Abraham ben Hayya's Meditation of the Sad Soul, The Story of the Synagogue, Jewish-Christian Relations after World War II, and Jewish Culture. He has edited many references including The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Dictionary of Jewish Biography, Encyclopedia of Judaism, The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion (with R. J. Z. Werblowsky), New Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel, Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible, and Jewish Art and Civilization.

    Dr. Geoffrey Wigoder passed away in 1999.

    Praise for the Encyclopedia Judaica on CD ROM:

    "What makes [the Encyclopedia Judaica on CD ROM] better than the original edition? For one thing it takes up less shelf space! The CD has over 2,500 pictures, 100 maps, slideshows, audio, and fifteen minutes of video. Every library in synagogues, in churches, in schools and colleges, and even in homes, must have this CD. What a nice gift for a bar or bat mitzvah or for a young married couple! There is no doubt that this CD…is a tour de force for the spread of Judaic knowledge."

    - Dr. Tzvee Zahavy, Jewish Communication Network

    "If one had to deposit into a time capsule only a single item about the Jewish People – its achievements and tragedies, history and hopes, tradition and nation-building – this disk of plastic would be it. The authoritative Encyclopedia Judaica has been transmuted from its two-dimensional printed text into three-dimensional multimedia, preparing it for the 21st-century public’s demands and interests. 
    What makes the user-friendly…disk a cause for celebration in the Jewish world is that this self-portrait has become exciting and alive, with the addition of sound, video films, photos and slide shows. It will attract not only serious researchers collecting information from articles written by renowned experts, but also children and teenagers, uninitiated Jewish adults and the vast non-Jewish world beyond."
    - Judy Siegel-ItzkovichJerusalem Post

    System requirements for Encyclopaedia Judaica CD ROM:

    -PC 486 or higher with at least 4 MB RAM
    -CD ROM drive (double speed or faster)
    -any version of MS Windows.
    -256 color monitor or higher
    -sound card to hear audio

    -network version available

    Note: The Encyclopaedia Judaica CD-ROM may not function properly if your computer has more than 512MB of RAM. If your computer has more than that amount, you may need to reconfigure the memory to address only 512MB of your available RAM each time that you run the program.

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