ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA - 2nd Edition, 22 vols.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA - 2nd Edition, 22 vols.
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    ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA - 2nd Edition, 22 vols.
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    Chief Editor: Fred Skolnik 
    Executive Editor: Michael Berenbaum 

    Hardcover, 22 volume set, 2nd extensively revised edition, reinforced library binding [21,632 entries, 15,818,675 words, 17,000 pages (excluding Index), 600+ updated charts and tables] 
    Thomson Gale/Macmillan, Keter Publishing House, Urim Publications, 2006 
    ISBN: 978-002-865-928-2

    Winner of the 2007 Dartmouth Medal for the most distinguished work of reference. 
    The Encyclopaedia Judaica - Second Edition, is a treasured resource that offers the most recent and comprehensive scholarship on Jewish life, culture, history and religion. This extraordinary work will be an important addition to the home library of any Jewish family - or a meaningful gift for any lover of books and learning, or Jewish education center.

    Since 1972, the Encyclopaedia Judaica has been the leading source for information on the Jewish people, the Jewish faith, and the state of Israel - how they have shaped and been influenced by our world.

    The second edition of this important reference is now available for a new generation, as a result of a U.S.-Israeli publishing partnership between Macmillan Reference USA and Keter Publishing House, the publishers of the original 1972 edition.

    Nearly 5 million new words reflect updates to the original EJ, including new biographical entries and updates on Israeli-Arab relations, worldwide Jewish communities, women studies, American and Canadian Jewry, and many other areas of modern Jewish life.

    This revised 2nd edition includes 2,600 new articles by over 1,000 scholars, encompassing 21,000 signed entries by scholars from around the world.

    "It is the duty of every Jewish parent in the English-speaking world to have a copy of the Encyclopaedia in the home for the benefit of the next generation."
    - David Ben-Gurion, First Prime Minister of The State of Israel, describing the 1st edition

    Praise for Encyclopedia Judaica:
    "This award-winning second edition (EJ2), an update to the 1972 EJ (CH, Oct'72), has already attained a secure place in the reference pantheon. From 1973 through 1994, ten yearbooks and two collected supplements were issued (see CH, Sep'95, 33-0018); a CD-ROM version became available in 1997 with 100,000 hyperlinks and other features (CH, Jan'98, 35-2442). EJ2 has expanded from 16 to 22 volumes, and contains 22,000 entries; 9,000 have been retained from EJ1, 10,000 have been revised and/or updated, and about 2,600 are totally new. The editors have retained the important articles on Jewish scholarship and added many entries on contemporary Jewish life and culture. While the first edition, published in Jerusalem, was criticized by a few scholars for an "Israel-centric" scholarly bias, the second edition was overseen by a joint editorial board composed of both Israeli and Diaspora scholars, who tried to provide more balanced coverage. Furthermore, the new edition redresses a problem ignored by many scholars three decades ago: the omission of women and gender issues. Appointed associate editor to ensure that EJ2 would cover this major topic, Judith Baskin commissioned more than 500 new, revised, or supplemental entries. Even though the new edition provides many new entries and updated information, some library users and scholars may note the absence of a few EJ1 features: a 100-year Jewish calendar, pottery illustrations, and some interesting essays published in several yearbook supplements. EJ2 also has greatly reduced the number of photographs and illustrations. The editors decided to include only six pages of color illustrations in each volume to provide more space for entries; readers may miss the black-and-white illustrations that visually enhanced many EJ1 essays. Nevertheless, the new edition offers a very helpful new feature: an abbreviations section and glossary in every EJ2 volume. A random sampling of entries also indicates that the writing is livelier and occasionally more informative than some earlier edition articles.

    The online edition provides mostly easy access to full-text or PDF versions from basic or advanced search pages. One glitch: the limit field is geared toward libraries that subscribe to other Gale Virtual Reference Library e-books. Nonsubscribers may be confused about limiting a search when EJ is the only choice available. Nevertheless, the ease of keyword searching is a vast improvement over the clunkiness of using a print index to find citations spread across 22 volumes. EJ2 complements but does not supplant EJ1, and libraries owning the first edition should shelve the two sets together so they are easily accessible. Selectors wanting to enhance their collection of other Jewish encyclopedias should consult the outstanding volume by Shimeon Brisman, A History and Guide to Judaic Encyclopedias and Lexicons (CH, Apr'88). Summing Up: Essential. Lower-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers."
    D. Altschiller, Boston UniversityCHOICE

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