EIFO HAMIFLETZET SHELI? [I Need My Monster in Hebrew]

EIFO HAMIFLETZET SHELI? [I Need My Monster in Hebrew]
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    EIFO HAMIFLETZET SHELI? [I Need My Monster in Hebrew]

    Translation into Hebrew of the book: I Need My Monster (published by Flashlight Press in 2009)

    story by Amanda Noll
    illustrated by Howard McWilliam
    translated from English to Hebrew by Rimona Di-Nur

    Hebrew language throughout
    published by Keter Publishing and Urim Publications, 2010
    Hardcover, 32 pages, full color
    Danacode: 10-888-439
    ISBN: 978-965-524-045-0

    Reviewed in the Hebrew press, including Maariv and Haaretz newspapers.

    Some praise for this bestselling book in English:

    * Scholastic Book Club Selection

    * Nebraska Golden Sower Award list 2011-12

    * Alabama Camellia Award list 2010-11

    * Washington Children's Choice Book Award list 2010-11

    * Winner of the Goldfinch Award, 2009-10, in the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Community School District. Starting in 2010, the Goldfinch will be a state-wide award.

    * A Storytelling World Award Honor Book 2010

    * An Indie Next Kids' Pick, summer 2009

    * An Arizona Grand Canyon Readers' Choice Award nominee 2011-12

    * a Mock Caldecott Honor book on Dr. Quinn's Book Blog

    "I Need My Monster is one to take a look at..." Ed Spicer, a member of the 2009 Caldecott committee, in discussing books that he feels "fly under the radar" and are worthy of being in the Caldecott discussion, in an interview and video (go to 8 minutes 20 seconds on the clip).

    "...an unusually well done double-debut." Kirkus Reviews

    "The same kids who loved [Newbery winning author] Neil Gaiman's The Wolves in the Walls are sure to appreciate I Need My Monster, too. Highly recommended." Kirsten Kowalewski, Monster Librarian.com

    "Monster tale so sly it oozes excellence... superbly silly... irresistible... a perfect read-aloud for squirmy youngsters, especially boys.... exquisitely creepy, perfect for... all monster-lovers." Judy Green, The Sacramento Bee

    "I Need My Monster is a must-read for any discerning monster-lover. A perfect bedtime companion. I'm keeping one copy on the nightstand, and one under the bed!" Edward Hemingway, Bump in the Night

    "Between the simple hilarity of the story itself and the amazing, gorgeous illustrations, I Need My Monster is a brilliant piece of picture book work. Boys and girls alike are going to love it and it's perfect for calming down bedtime jitters. I'm buying it for every kid I know. Simple as that. -Amanda Snow, A Patchwork of Books

    "The dark humor is perfectly matched to McWilliam's creepy-cute artwork. Any potential scariness in the text and art is offset by the silly details that are included, making for a fun nighttime read for those who enjoy a bit of shiver as they are tucked in to bed. This would also make a great read-aloud for a slightly older audience at a night-themed storyhour." School Library Journal

    Recommended in Library Sparks Magazine

    "Even my middle school students tried to pry it out of my hands to take home to read to their little brothers and sisters... a satisfying twist to bedtime stories that enables the child to crave scarier and scarier monsters, to laugh at our fears and to curl up in the end, deliciously scared of letting our toes dangle over the edge." Be sure to put the book jacket out where students can touch and shiver with delight. Come on, how can you miss when you have an eyeball for the letter 'O'?" Diane Chen, Practically Paradise blog, School Library Journal

    "Dramatic in perspective, McWilliam's exaggerated, digitally colored art renders the monsters in a spectrum of neon hues and outlandish shapes. The collaborators ably balance some bedtime chills with humor, and Ethan's enthusiasm for his monster should prove infectious." PW

    "...turns the tables on monster fears ...Noll's slyly humorous text is a suitably wry counterpoint to McWilliam's dark-hued, exaggerated paintings of the bobble-headed Ethan and his alternately scary and silly beasts. The entire effort strikes a nice balance between creepy and comforting, but especially endearing is Gabe's early return home as he huddles beneath the bed like a faithful dog and says, "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to start the evening with an ominous puddle of drool." That's friendship for you." Daniel Kraus, Booklist

    "In this humorous, comically exaggerated reversal of the usual fear of monsters there is plenty of good-natured scary stuff." Kenneth and Sylvia Marantz, Children's Literature

    "Beautifully moody illustrations give this story its atmosphere of dark spookiness. The colours glow and these excellent monsters are the most interesting range of characters imaginable." Scholastic Child Education Magazine, UK

    "Amanda Noll and Howard McWilliam have turned a child's nightmare into a dream-come-true! Noll's story is enchanting, a child will giggle at the silly substitute monsters and even smile at the menacing Gabe because he is talked about in such admiration by Ethan. McWilliam's illustrations are nothing less than perfection for this tale. His monsters are as beautiful as those from the Disney film Monsters Inc. and his backgrounds are so complete and detailed it leaves the reader right in the room with Ethan. I Need My Monster is perfect for children of all ages, everyone can appreciate it for different reasons. A great story to tell little ones who are nervous to fall asleep wondering what is lurking undernieth their bed. This is a charming book of friendship and love, an outstanding debut from Amanda Noll and Howard McWilliam." Madeline Audrey, Children's Librarian at the Rancho Santa Fe Library, on her blog, Madeline Books

    "Fabulously illustrated, this is a wonderful book about change, loyalty, and friendship, all wrapped up in a lovable, huggable monster! Oh, wait, did I say lovable and huggable? I meant SCARY!!!!" Antonia at Kepler's, Staff Recommendation

    "...one of the best books I have ever seen for teens to read to children. The listeners will be laughing so hard and all wanting a monster of their own! Great pretend book. The monster voices are slurpy, silly, giggly, deep and just fun to make!" C. Van Hook, Iowa Teacher Librarian

    With illustrations that are vivid, bold, and wholly appealing, and a story that ensnares you from the first page, I Need My Monster is genuinely brilliant. Perfect for story time, this one flirts frightening moments, yet is jam packed with fun and giggles. - changing hands bookstore kids team 5 stars on GoodReads.com

    "Masterfully lit fish-eyed views, fur, fangs, claws and interesting perspectives make seven monsters just scary enough to spotlight the spunk of the picky, pajamaed lad who screens them... a really fun spin on bedtime anxiety and being afraid of being in your bed alone... and then being in control of that fear... Stunningly gorgeous...." Mark and Andrea, Just One More Book.com podcast. Listen to the full podcast here: Just One More Book or read a transcript of Mark and Andrea discussing I Need My Monster, by clicking here.

    "...one of the best children's books this reviewer has read recently....This is the perfect bed time story that your child will want to read night after night." Jennifer LeBrun, Sacramento Book Review

    I Need My Monster, along with Where the Wild Things Are, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, and When a Monster is Born, are part of the Reflection theme of the first nine weeks of school, at TeacherThinkTank.com

    "The drawings reminded me of Monster's Inc. with all the charming saliva-dripping fangs, rolling multiple eyeballs, and colorful warts. ...I think [McWilliams] has a fiendishly promising career. ...A monstrously cute tale proclaiming... that monster's can be our friends!" Women's Press

    "...a fun and unusual premise, and the pictures match perfectly. ...It's a vivid style reminiscent of Pixar, with lots of inventive monsters and Ethan's big-eyed reactions. This is perfect both for kids enamored of monsters, as mine is, and could help those afraid of monsters to put a more pleasant spin on them." Library Mama blog

    "Children will laugh at the boy's nighttime trials, but watch out, because if Gabe comes back, even fearless Ethan will get a shiver or two." OC Family

    "McWilliam's delightful cartoony illustrations parade a menagerie of strange monsters while keeping them humorous and non-threatening for the reader. Striking a nice balance between funny and creepy, this offering should please young monster lovers." Bayviews

    "This book is simply FABAWESOMAZING! (I couldn't pick just one word to describe its coolness so you got three in one.) Madness by Mattie blog