ECONOMIC QUARTERLY 53.02 (June 2006) [Hebrew]

ECONOMIC QUARTERLY 53.02 (June 2006) [Hebrew]
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    ECONOMIC QUARTERLY 53.02 (June 2006) [Hebrew]
    HaRivon LeKalkalah, The Journal of the Israeli Economic Association, Vol 53, No. 2 , June 2006

    Editor: Efraim Tzadka 
    Associate Editors: Benni Bental and Eugene Kendel 
    Coordinator: Ziv Naor 

    Softcover, 184 pages
    The Israeli Economic Association, Urim Publications  

    The Israeli Economic Association Sponsors:
    Rothberg Fund
    Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange
    Bank of Israel
    Ben Gurion University of the Negev
    Bar-Ilan University
    The Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research, The Hebrew University
    University of Haifa
    The Pinhas Sapir Center for Development, Tel-Aviv University
    Sapir Academic College
    The Academic College of Yezreel
    Ruppin - The Academic Center
    Ono Academic College

    Table of Contents:
    1. Conference in Memory of Don Patinkin 
    2. Nissan Liviatan - Joseph Zeira - Nadav Halevi - Jimmy Weinblatt - Gur Ofer - Stanley Fischer - Haim Ben-Shahar - Avi Ben Bassat - Liora Meridor - Yossi Bachar - Yossi Tamir 
    3. Additional Papers 
    4. Jacob Goldenberg, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller, Renana Peres 
    5. Blazing Saddles: Early and Main Markets in a Life Cycle of a High-Technology Product 
    6. Noam Zussman and Dmitri Romanov 
    7. Terror and Its Effects on Israelis: Evidence of Psychic Costs of the Intifada 
    8. Yoram Eden and Ben-Ami Zuckerman 
    9. Underwriting Cycles in the Property-Liability Insurance Market in Israel 
    10. Ronni Frish 
    11. The Effect of Child Benefits on the Fertility Rate in Israel 
    12. Tamara Vetlugin and Mira G. Baron 
    13. Measuring Income Inequality, Jews vs. Non- Jews: Applying Paglin-Gini Index 
    14. Nir Klein 
    15. The Money Demand in Israel: A Co-integration Approach within a VECM Framework 
    16. English Abstracts