ECONOMIC QUARTERLY 53.02 (June 2006) [Hebrew]

ECONOMIC QUARTERLY 53.02 (June 2006) [Hebrew]
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    ECONOMIC QUARTERLY 53.02 (June 2006) [Hebrew]
    HaRivon LeKalkalah
    The Journal of the Israeli Economic Association

    Vol 53
    No. 2
    June 2006
    Softcover, 184 pages

    Published and produced by Urim Publications in cooperation with the Israeli Economic Association.

    Editor: Efraim Tzadka
    Associate Editors: Benni Bental and Eugene Kendel
    Coordinator: Ziv Naor

    The Israeli Economic Association Sponsors:

    Rothberg Fund
    Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange
    Bank of Israel
    Ben Gurion University of the Negev
    Bar-Ilan University
    The Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research, The Hebrew University
    University of Haifa
    The Pinhas Sapir Center for Development, Tel-Aviv University
    Sapir Academic College
    The Academic College of Yezreel
    Ruppin - The Academic Center
    Ono Academic College

    Table of Contents:

    Conference in Memory of Don Patinkin

    Nissan Liviatan - Joseph Zeira - Nadav Halevi - Jimmy Weinblatt - Gur Ofer - Stanley Fischer - Haim Ben-Shahar - Avi Ben Bassat - Liora Meridor - Yossi Bachar - Yossi Tamir

    Additional Papers

    Jacob Goldenberg, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller, Renana Peres
    Blazing Saddles: Early and Main Markets in a Life Cycle of a High-Technology Product

    Noam Zussman and Dmitri Romanov
    Terror and Its Effects on Israelis: Evidence of Psychic Costs of the Intifada

    Yoram Eden and Ben-Ami Zuckerman
    Underwriting Cycles in the Property-Liability Insurance Market in Israel

    Ronni Frish
    The Effect of Child Benefits on the Fertility Rate in Israel

    Tamara Vetlugin and Mira G. Baron
    Measuring Income Inequality, Jews vs. Non- Jews: Applying Paglin-Gini Index

    Nir Klein
    The Money Demand in Israel: A Co-integration Approach within a VECM Framework

    English Abstracts