Price: $150.00

    Welcome to the best value in Hebrew-English word processing today! No other program can match DavkaWriter's combination of powerful features, ease-of-use, and flexibility. It comes standard with all the features you need, such as footnotes, Hebrew/English spellchecking and individual word translation, and full bilingual text entry capabilities. And, this latest version of this amazing product is loaded with fabulous new features that place it far ahead of the pack.

    *NEW! Draw-Layer Graphics
    DavkaWriter now includes fully flexible draw-layer graphics! You can easily wrap text around graphics, run text over graphics, overlay one image on top of another, make them transparent, drag graphics anywhere on the page independent of text, and link graphics to text that it moves with the paragraph.

    *NEW! Advanced Tables!
    Multiple lines within each cell, variety of border styles and shading for table or cell, easy creation of bilingual charts and tables, resizing of individual rows and columns, sort rows and columns, and more.

    *NEW! Intelli-Accent Technology!
    Position all vowel points (nikud) and cantillation marks (ta'amim) in the optimal position for each letter it goes under, in every font, with Davka's Intelli-Accent technology. You can even fine-tune placement of vowels manually!

    *Highest-Quality Hebrew Output!
    DavkaWriter now includes 4 distinctive Hebrew fonts, including a variety of outstanding designs created by master font craftsman, Shmuel Guttman. Nikud (vowel points) and Ta'amim (cantillation marks) can be inserted in all fonts.

    *NEW! FlexiText!
    Curve, rotate, skew, scale, and slant text, create text with 3-D effects or outlines, and drag it anywhere on the page!

    *NEW! Autoshapes!
    Create a wide variety of automatic shapes anywhere on the page, have text wrap round them or run over them.

    *NEW! Hebrew Texts included!
    DavkaWriter now includes the full text of the Mishnah, complete, with nikud, as well as the full text of the Tanach, complete with nikud and ta'amim.

    *More Flexible!
    DavkaWriter is loaded with great features that make it fully flexible, such as graphics preview, font preview, on-screen keyboard, on-line help, an Accent Bar for inserting ta'amim, and more. You can even export Hebrew text to virtually all English word processing and desktop publishing programs!

    Free Bonuses

    *Includes 250 photos and clip art images from the DavkaGraphics Collection
    *Includes entire Tanach with Nikud and Ta'amim, and Mishnayot with Nikud

    Win CD requires PC with Windows 95/98, 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, and printer.