BEIN EE-SEDER LE-SEDER: Havaya Holistit LeLeil HaSeder [Hebrew]

BEIN EE-SEDER LE-SEDER: Havaya Holistit LeLeil HaSeder [Hebrew]
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    BEIN EE-SEDER LE-SEDER: Havaya Holistit LeLeil HaSeder [Hebrew]
    Hebrew edition of The Holistic Haggadah. 

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    by Michael Kagan
    Illustrations by Sandra Pond

    Hardcover, 155 pages 
    Urim Publications, 2005 
    Danacode: 563-9 

    Bein Ee-Seder Le-Seder is a fascinating guide to the inner journey that the Passover Seder evening offers us. It is a daring commentary that challenges each of us to go down into our self-imposed Mitzraim (Egypt) and face our attachments and the false gods that confine us. It then beckons us forth to true freedom and a more meaningful relationship between ourselves and God.

    Bein Ee-Seder Le-Seder presents a contemporary spiritual commentary on the meaning of freedom and its relationship to serving God.

    About the Author: 
    Through The Holistic Haggadah, Michael Kagan shares his teachings and holistic approach to Judaism that he has developed through experiential workshops and lectures in Israel and around the world. He moved to Jerusalem in 1977, has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is married to Ruth Gan Kagan and has five children. He describes himself as an ortho-practicing, but unorthodox, Jew.