BAT-MITZVAH: Kovetz Ma'amarim [Hebrew]

BAT-MITZVAH: Kovetz Ma'amarim [Hebrew]
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    BAT-MITZVAH: Kovetz Ma'amarim [Hebrew]

    Edited by Sara Friedland Ben Arza

    Hardcover, 535 pages
    Urim Publications, 2002
    ISBN: 965-7108-37-3

    Since the Bat-Mitzvah celebration is not founded in tradition, much confusion surrounds it. In this volume, Rabbis and Rabbaniyot, male and female educators, come together to deal with the milestone of the Bat-Mitzvah from a halakhic, philosophical and educational perspective. Elements that are paid special attention are the staging of the event, halakhic questions, learning material for the girl who is entering Bat-Mitzvah, ideas for drashot, and a survey of preparatory programs for the upcoming celebration, and more.

    Rachel Adelman
    Aron Ahrend
    S.Y. Agnon
    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
    Rabbi Aviner
    Dvorah Bar
    Rabbi David Bigman
    Rabbanit Malke Bina
    Rabbi Yuval Cherlow
    Gabriel H. Cohen
    Yardena Cope-Yossef
    Sara Eliash
    Rabbi Mordechai Elon
    Rabbanit Esther Farbstein
    Ilana Fodimen
    Sara Friedland Ben Arza
    Hannah Ross Friedman
    Tirza Garber
    Tamar Gingihashvili
    Rabbi Baruch Gigi
    Rabbi Yehuda Gilad
    Ofer Beit Halahmi
    Baruch Kahana
    Felice Kahn Zisken
    Rabbi Benjamin Kalmanson
    Rav Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira
    Rav Kalonymus ben Kalonymus
    Einel Kapach
    Leah Kaplan
    Chana Kehat
    Rav Kook
    Rabbanit Oshra Koren
    Rabbi Benny Lau
    Yael Levine
    Bryna Levy
    Rabbi Dov Lior
    Rabbi Yechezkel Lichteinshten
    Rabbi Aharon Lichtenshtein
    Rabbanit Rivka Lubitch
    Rabbi Ronen Lubitch
    Inbar Maimouni
    Itai Mor-Yosef
    Rabbanit Malka Puterkovsky
    Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz
    Rabbi Shabtai A. Rappoport
    Efrat Razel
    Rabbi Moshe Raziel
    Daniel Shalit
    Shulamit Shemesh
    Esther Stern
    Rabbi Arie Strikovsky
    Rabbi Shmuel Tal
    Rabbi Daniel Tuito
    Golda Warhaftig
    Michal Wosner
    Tamar Yehuda-Gesundheit

    In MaTaN - Machon Torani Lenashim Beyerushalayim (Women's Institute of Torah Study) - women study intensively in their desire to grow and develop in their comprehension of the Torah. A balance is struck between the best of academic research and the profound and personally creative approach of traditional-yeshiva learning.

    MaTaN was created with the vision of providing all women with the opportunity to study the Jewish sources on the highest level. Its founders wanted to serve the community of women by offering them specially designed programs of intensive classroom studies combined with Beit Midrash learning. Today over 1,000 women study Torah at MaTaN. Its innovative programs include intensive Beit Midrash learning for full time scholars, a broad range of continuing education courses in six Israeli cities and college preparatory programs for young immigrants. An electric excitement is generated as women from all walks of life, of all ages and of varied backgrounds learn together. 

    Praise for Bat-Mitzvah:
    "The anthology, written mostly by women, explores halachic and philosophical issues, offers practical suggestions to make the celebration meaningful, and includes nostalgic reminisces of women's experiences of this life marker."
    - Barbara Sofer, Jerusalem Post

    "Bat-Mitzvah Collected Writings and Reflections is a compilation of Hebrew articles aimed at national religious parents and educators. There is a brief English abstract. The articles range from Halachic responsa to analyses of the roles of women in the Bible to academic studies and personal reflections by five women about how they marked their special day."
    - Shira Schoenberg, Jerusalem Post

    "This book is divided into three sections: The first section - This Is The Day - focuses on the Bat Mitzvah celebration, and offers advice on appropriate ways to prepare for it. Within this context, Rabbis were posed halakhic questions as to the permissibility of marking the Bat Mitzvah ceremony with special women's prayer groups, where girls will be called up to read from the Torah. Most of the Rabbis who were approached for halakhic guidance - including Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Shlomo Aviner, Lichtenstein, and even Yehuda Elad - responded positively, under the condition that the event would be implemented in accordance with Halakhic guidelines, and would meet with public approval.
    The second section - Hear O Daughter - contains learning material to review with the girl prior to her Bat Mitzvah. The third section - Educate the Young Woman - provides educational programs suitable for the Bat Mitzvah. 
    Finally, the concluding section - I Remember the Days - recounts women's personal memories of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony". [Bat Mitzvah: Collected Writings and Reflections is] an essential book for every Jewish household." 
    - Zu Iri