A TIME TO SPEAK: Controversial Essays That Can Change Your Life

A TIME TO SPEAK: Controversial Essays That Can Change Your Life
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    A TIME TO SPEAK: Controversial Essays That Can Change Your Life

    by Martin Stern

    Softcover, 273 pages
    Devora Publishing, Urim Publications, 2010
    ISBN: 978-193-606-815-9

    "Controversial." "Thought Provoking." "Provocative." These are some of the words used to describe Martin Stern's A Time to Speak. The author doesn't mince words with those who seek to dilute the beauty that Judaism has to offer. You may agree or disagree vehemently about any number of topics he discusses, such as the terrible repercussions that have occurred because of a lack of decorum in the synagogue; the correct response to the missionary menace; how to avoid being overly pious at other people's expense; or the importance and use of the major Gemmatria systems. But one thing is certain: You won't be bored by the insights of this eclectic defense of Judaism.

    About the Author:
    Martin Stern studied mathematics at Cambridge University, where he received a bachelor of arts degree and continued his research in Oxford, receiving his master of arts degree. He took up a post as Lecturer in Mathematics at the John Dalton College of Technology, later named Manchester Metropolitan University. Beginning in 1985, the author became involved in defending Torah Judaism in the more secular Anglo-Jewish press, and developed an interest in liturgical and social problems affecting the Jewish community. In more recent years he has used his epistolary skills to defend Israel against its detractors, both in the more secular Anglo-Jewish and general non-Jewish press. He is well known for his forthright approach, and refusal to bow, to political correctness of any kind -- something that has led, on occasion, to abuse by those who cannot tolerate independent thought.

    Praise for A Time to Speak:
    "Martin Stern has long been a forceful and intelligent defender of Orthodoxy, and in this collection of his writings he offers us a rich feast of insights into Jewish prayer, Jewish life, and Jewish faith. His is a fine mind, a caring heart, and an infectious spirit."
    - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth

    "Martin Stern has produced an innovative work -- part original scholarship, part provocative polemic -- that will entertain, inform, and challenge both the academic scholar of Judaism and the observant and engaged member of the Orthodox community. His breadth of interests is impressive, perhaps indicative of his origins in the Torah im Derech Eretz School of German Orthodoxy. A book to be studied and contemplated as it reveals much of the ancient wisdom of Israel for the contemporary, skeptical age."
    - Dr. Z. Yaakov Wise, Centre for Jewish Studies, School of Arts Histories & Cultures, University of Manchester