A NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST'S JOURNAL: Interventions and "Judi-isms"

A NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST'S JOURNAL: Interventions and "Judi-isms"
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    A NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST'S JOURNAL: Interventions and "Judi-isms"

    by Judith Bendheim Guedalia

    Hardcover, 459 pages
    Urim Publications, 2012 
    ISBN: 978-965-524-123-5

    A Neuropsychologist's Journal features case studies from the areas of neuropsychology as well as developmental, rehabilitation and medical psychology.

    Dr. Judi Guedalia's interventional styles (or "Judi-isms," as she refers to them) have been distilled after close to forty years' experience in the field, and highlight the intersection between psychology and Judaism. The remarkable case studies described in A Neuropsychologist's Journal: Interventions and "Judi-isms" are coupled with useful advice that readers of all levels of interest can incorporate into their own lives.

    About the Author:
    Dr. Judith S. B. Guedalia is Director of the Neuropsychology Unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, and Co-Chair of Nefesh Israel. Dr. Guedalia's academic education spanned many continents and cities. Her Ph.D. in Psychology is from Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

    Dr. Guedalia is a member of the MCE (Mass Casualty Events) Team in the Emergency Room of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center. She is a Licensed Psychologist (Ministry of Health, State of Israel) and a Supervisor Level Specialist in the areas of Neuropsychology, Developmental, Medical, and Rehabilitation Psychology. She is a certified School Psychologist (State of California, USA) and practitioner of EMDR with a lot of experience in the field of Traumatology. Dr. Guedalia is also a Certified Assessor of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

    She has written peer review journal articles in the areas of Neuropsychology, and Judaism and Psychology. Since 2004, she writes a monthly column for The Jewish Press (www.thejewishpress.com).

    Dr. Guedalia lives in Israel with her husband.

    Praise for A Neuropsychologist's Journal:
    "Dr. Judith Guedalia has come out with a winner; stories that can be appreciated by the professional as well as the layman. Many of these stories originally appeared as articles by Judi, on the pages of The Jewish Press, including our introduction to Chaim K. Seeing the book in print is the culmination of a dream shared by many of her friends. Readers of this book will delight in her unique style...the name alone, Judi-isms, gives a glimpse of that...and the wealth of information it contains. Over the years Dr. Guedalia has worn 'many hats' but adding 'Author' to her long list of achievements is the 'crown' on top."
    - Naomi Klass Mauer, Associate Publisher, The Jewish Press

    "Dr. Judith Guedalia's A Neuropsychologist's Journal: Interventions and "Judi-isms" is a fascinating and far-ranging book that shares her knowledge and experiences working on the front lines of Israel society during times of war and peace. From the perspective of her decades of work as the director of Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Neuropsychology Unit, Dr. Guedalia conveys her wisdom on a wide range of topics ranging from resilience in the face of family conflict, to coping with illness, loss and trauma. A number of chapters introduce the reader to an array of Biblical topics with Dr. Guedalia's signature creativity regarding psychological and Jewish wisdom. She consistently brings a fresh perspective to a variety of areas where psychology meets Jewish thought. I recommend this book to anybody who is interested in a unique blend of wisdom, humor and insight into the human spirit."
    - David Pelcovitz, Ph.D. Professor, Straus Chair in Psychology and Education, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, Yeshiva University

    "Judi-isms are very special anecdotes from a very special personality. I have known Dr. Judith Bendheim Guedalia for several decades as a very capable neuropsychologist, a dynamic personality, a woman with a sharp and critical eye yet very empathic and sympathetic. On reviewing Dr. Guedalia's book I discovered yet another attribute of hers, namely her literary capabilities. In the many short anecdotes and descriptions one can detect Dr. Guedalia's empathy and love for a great variety of people and issues: patients, patients' families, students, co-workers, the land of Israel, the Torah and last but not least - her own family. The almost poetic descriptions of patients, situations and events are well characterized by "Judi-ism" -- her deep insight as a psychologist, yet her great devotion and willingness to effectuate her expertise to help people in distress and in need. The Torah-vignettes are interesting and innovative, adding new psychological dimensions to the Biblical stories and personalities. In short, the book is full of clever, insightful and interesting anecdotes and vignettes that can serve as guidelines for behavior towards G-d and Man."
    - Professor Rabbi Avraham Steinberg, Chairman of the Ethics and Supervision Committee of the Israeli Assn. for Pediatric Neurology and winner of the Israel Prize

    "Sensitivity, caring, wisdom, wit, trust, kindness and many years of experience. Put them together and what do you get? A Neuropsychologist's Journal: Interventions and "Judi-isms." Dr. Judith Bendheim Guedalia, Director of Neuropsychology at Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Hospital, is the only person in the world who could provide us with such brilliant, heart-warming and inspiring personal experiences. These are not just stories; they are teachings. But what a pleasant way to learn!"
    - Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD, Founder, Medical Director Emeritus, Gateway Rehabilitation Center