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    by Jack Tauber, Personal Secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky
    Preface by Moshe Arens, Former Defense Minister of the State of Israel

    Softcover, 328 pages
    Devorah Publishing, 2010
    ISBN: 978-193-606-820-3

    "A basic text of Zionist history... an invaluable addition to the existing biographies of Jabotinsky, and will, no doubt, be used as source material in future biographies of Jabotinsky."
    - Moshe ArensFormer Defense Minister of the State of Israel

    The History of Zionism
     is a newly edited edition of An Outline of Zionist History, which features an insider's look of the Zionism struggle for a Jewish State. It contains a frank assessment of the failures of the established Jewish leadership from the unique perspective of an individual reared in the Jabotinsky movement, with the purpose of forming a Jewish State and rescuing European Jewry from destruction. This edition also includes a collection of the author's essays and personal recollections about Jabotinsky and the Zionism movement, historical notations regarding leading personalities, and previously unpublished and unknown historical photographs and documents.

    About the Author:
    As a youth, Rabbi Jack Tauber (1916-1991), was active in the Betar Zionism movement, where he served as personal secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, leader of the Zionism-Revisionist movement. "The man closest to Jabotinksy" during his American stay, Jack Tauber was editor of Betar's monthly magazine, "Hadar," and authored a series of articles under the heading "Studies in Zionism."
    During the Holocaust, her served as National Secretary of the Zionist-Revisionists of America and the Jewish Aviation League, was active in the campaign for the formation of a Jewish army (which led to the creation of the Jewish Brigade), and joined the Vaad Hatzolah, assisting in the rescue and relief of Jews in Europe. After the War, he joined the Irgun Tzvai Leumi, remaining active in the Zionist-Revisionist movement, and assisting in preparations for the Altalena.
    Following the creation of the State of Israel, Jack Tauber pursued the rabbinate, becoming Rabbi and spiritual leader of the Avenue Z Jewish Center of Brooklyn, where he would remain for the rest of his life.
    Rabbi Tauber's life was unselfishly dedicated to Zion, Torah, the Jewish People, and his wife and children. The Hebrew date of his passing, the 29th day of Tammuz, was on the 51st anniversary of the death of his mentor, Ze'ev Jabotinsky.